microStrop 3.2 - 3d printed

microStrop 3.2 - 3d printed

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Same layout as the popular microStrop 3.2 but 3d printed in high strength metallic silver PLA.  Features the same full grain leather and comes pre-loaded with microStrop 1 micron diamond compound to take your EDCs from sharp to hair popping sharp! microStrop feels great in the hand and will make your EDC collection pop!


  • Dimensions 3.25" x 0.75" x 0.75"
  • 3d printed metallic silver PLA
  • Oil tanned brown leather with stropping compound
  • pre-loaded with 1 Micron Diamond compound
  • Black Paracord snake knot lanyard
  • Rounded edges that feel perfect in the hand
What is stropping?

Stropping has been used for centuries to produce a blade edge that is sharp enough to shave hair.  Barbers have been using leather strops to hone their straight razor blades to produce a comfortable shave for their clients.  Stropping can be used on any knife or blade to hone or polish the edge.  Stropping does not take the place of sharpening a knife, but it can extend the sharpness life of the blade and produce levels of sharpness not achievable by other mean.  Stropping with compound added to the leather will make the process more aggressive reducing the number of strokes required to produce a razor sharp edge.

How to use a strop?


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